I empower women across the globe to reconnect with the true spirit of womanhood, to embrace what it truly means to hold the highest place of honor in human life, inspiring them to create a life of spiritual and temporal abundance, enjoying lifelong wellness NATURALLY.

Pacha? What Does That Mean?

To all you "The Emperor's New Groove" fans, when you hear the word Pacha on my site, don't think of “that” guy. 

The word Pacha is often translated as "world" or "earth" in Quechua. How did I come up with the name Pacha Essentials? Pachamama (Madre Tierra en español/Mother Earth in English) is a goddess revered by the indigenous people of the Andes in Peru. She is also known as the earth/time mother. In Inca mythology, Pachamama is a fertility goddess who presides over planting and harvesting. 

Are you starting to make the connection? No? Let me help! Since my hubby is from Peru--and I swear I am Peruvian by association—I decided to name my dōTERRA business “Pacha Essentials”, translated it would mean Earth Essentials. Good huh? I love it, just as much as I love the rich culture of Peru, its food, and my amazing Peruvian husband! I could not pick a better name to represent what I have come to love so much: dōTERRA's essential oils!!!

When you think of Pacha think of this instead. 

Meet Maria


I am a retired self-taught cake decorator and owner of Cakerator, LLC. I specialized in the craft of creating edible art and cakes that defied gravity. Unfortunately, with a demanding schedule and family health concerns, I was forced to close my business. However, my dream is to return to the caking world, but in a new role of teaching others the art of caking, with the goal of using those profits to fund my own Women's Center.

It Was The Need To Get My Family Healthy, That Started Me On This Journey Of Wellness

I'm a mom of three and an essential oil mentor and leader. The needs of my children, including the problem of recurring health issues in our home, led me on the journey of wellness. I was determined not to give up until I found the solution. Enter essential oils!

Prior to starting my dōTERRA business, in addition to owning a cake decorating business, I worked for GSK, a pharmaceutical company located in Research Triangle Park in NC. I worked in the neuroscience and respiratory department. At the time, GSK was once known as one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the world. I was paid well and enjoyed phenomenal benefits, however, I suffered through depression. So, the day I learned my department was being downsized, it gave me a new excitement for a fresh start. I was happy to use my severance to open my cakery known worldwide as the Cakerator. However, the loss of our health benefits put me in search of better solutions—natural solutions...


Imagine sitting at your desk in your shared office, hearing the monotonous clicking of keys beyond the wall where your co-worker sits. Besides the toys and picture frames of your children, spouse, and friends, you find yourself staring out your window. There is a beautiful view that you admire often. Your boss walks in and you turn your head towards your computer screen, pretending to busy yourself with the mountain of paperwork left to pick at for the week, and he hands you yet another expense report. You shift in the tight space, and put the task aside, and finish booking yet another flight. You lay the ground work to create another presentation whose recognition and rewards go to someone else. You prepare to sort through another pile of junk and mail. Basically, you push yourself to do what needs to be done in order to keep the lights on and food on the table. And something that once felt so noble now feels incredibly...

Uninspiring. Mundane. Boring.

"Is this really my life purpose? Is this where I’m going to be for the next ten years, or even the next 20 years?" When children unexpectedly got unwell, you spent hours in the doctor's office. Yet, in spite of all your efforts to maintain the health and happiness of your family, the medication didn’t work. You blamed yourself and you felt like a failure. You couldn’t help it, but you yearned for the time when you spent hours doing what you love; even though the earnings were meager, you were happy.

From 2002 to 2009, this was my reality. I was angry at the health care system and feeling helpless concerning the declining health of my children and myself. My department downsized, so money was tight and stress was high. My focus was on my children and my love for cake decorating. When I was not baking, decorating, and delivering elaborate cakes, I was in my car driving to countless doctor appointments. These stressors manifested themselves in my body as an abnormal over activity of my immune system , along with other complications. In 2014, when the discomfort in my lower body worsened and spread down my left side, I ended up confined to my bed for most of the year. As a result, I was forced to close my beloved cake business.

This paralyzed me.

Without insurance, I sacrificed some of my savings for an ultrasound, after which my doctor warned me that the discomfort I felt on my left ovary required immediate surgery to remove a growth. If left alone, it would cause even more damage to my body. My children have always been my focus, and I was disappointed that I wasn't healthy enough to help them. I couldn’t even help myself, so I did the only thing I could do. I went home, cried, and complained to anyone that listened.

What changed?

I realized that I had to become self-reliant. I did my own research on ways I could help my children, and support my own health; I began searching for natural solutions. It was the need to get my family healthy that started me on this journey of wellness.

And what was the oil that started all of this?

Back in the year 2014, as I leaned against a cushioned chair in the church foyer one Sunday, my discomfort was intense. A friend noticed my distress, asked me a few specific questions, and ended up giving me a little glass roller bottle with a pretty purple label: ClaryCalm. She told me that it was supposed to help with menstrual discomfort. I thought it was a gimmick. I had worked in the pharmaceutical industry, and quite frankly, I was insulted. But my discomfort was worsening and I wanted to get back to my life. It didn’t hurt to try...I consistently applied it, morning and night, for a month.

It worked!
The discomfort had stopped all at once. It was so sudden; I sat up straight in bed one night and pulled out the glass bottle again. This time, I took a good look at the label. I happened to be scheduled for an annual pap smear and was anxious to discover what was going on with my body. My doctor's interest was piqued to, so he gave me a free ultrasound. Thank goodness I brought my empty bottle to the office with me.

“Look! Nothing but ovary!” He laughed. Then he said,
“Ok. Now tell me. What did you do differently?”
Triumphant, I whipped out the bottle and declared,
Now, realizing the capabilities of such an affordable and safe product, my thoughts turned to my family.


My experience and that vision of self-empowerment grew as I recounted my story to extended family, friends, and those outside my circle. What once was a hunt to reclaim self-reliance and the health of myself and family, turned into my mission to give another mother that same choice. That same empowerment. That same freedom.

Your Search brought you here because:
Your Search brought you here because:
1.) You want CHARGE over your health
2.) You want to help your family
3.) You want to RECLAIM the confidence of your children/loved ones
4.) You want OPTIONS concerning health care
5.) You want real residual INCOME and TIME FREEDOM

All of these desires are achievable. It is you, yes YOU who will spare no expense to give the best options in natural solutions to your family, but we all need a little guidance and coaching on how to get there! If you want to learn more about Maria’s services, look on her Mentor With Me pages.

What I Have to offer

On my website, you will learn about essential oils, why you would want to use them, how to use them, and the best way to get them. You will also learn what it takes to become part of our team of amazing entrepreneurs and healers, how to earn a real residual income, and how to participate in our Elite training programs!  

Stay tuned for regular blog postings on tips and tricks on the daily life uses of natural solutions, cooking and baking tips, health discoveries, personal development, self-care, my video logs, and more...