Frequently Asked Question's

You probably have a lot of questions and would like them answered before you decide to invest in something as important as your health. I did! I had a lot of questions, too. I had to search for most of the answers on my own, so I made it easy for you by including a list of the questions that I’m asked most frequently.  If I missed a question, we can chat personally!

Do I have to purchase every month to have a wholesale account?
Nope, you only have make 1 purchase per year to qualify for a wholesale account.
Do I have to do the business to have a wholesale account?
Absolutely not! Actually 85% of doTERRA's customers are just consumers that love the products! There is a special wholesale account for those not interested in the business, but would love the chance to enjoy the benefits of a Wholesale Membership with doTERRA.
Is this a pyramid scheme?
Absolutely not! Pyramid schemes are illegal, and I would never participate in illegal practices. I try to avoid those types of organizations like it's the plague!
I am currently working with another doTERRA team, can I switch to yours?
Switching teams is greatly frowned upon here at doTERRA. The culture and foundation of this company is built on integrity and that is expect all of it's member that choices to build. It is highly advised that you grow where you are planted. If you are not happy where you are try to reach up to your team leaders or call doTERRA directly for help.
What is the difference between a customer and a Wellness advocate?
The only difference between a Customer and a Wellness Advocate is that one has a chance to earn money, there you would have to give you social security number to have a Wellness Advocate account, also Business Builder get two sites, one for ordering and the other for their customers. Otherwise, the two are exactly the same, both enjoy 25% off all products, both can participate in promotions to earn free oils, both can earn product points to purchase products for free. Yeah, it's awesome!
How much is it to open a Wholesale Account?
There is a $35 enrollment fee for all Wholesale Accounts, and a $25 annual renewal fee. However if you open an account with an Enrollment Kit, that enrollment fee is waived.
Does the renewal fee automatically comes out of my bank account every year?
No, if you never place another order for a year, your account will just go in active. They way your renewal fee is applied is like this, every year when it's time for a renewal, and you go in to place your order you will notice $25 fee was added to your cart. The cool thing about the renewal fee is that you get a 15ml bottle of Peppermint essential oil for being a loyal customer! So just remember, when it's time to renew and you also need peppermint, it's already in there, no need to add it to your cart!
If I decide to do the business will I get trained?
Absolutely! I have an 8 week training program that will cover how to use oils, how to share oils, and strategies to build a successful business, I will be your business partner, and my job is to help you succeed in building an amazing business. However I will not build it for you, if you succeed it will be all you, and if you fail it will be all you. If you put the work in and are coachable, at the end of your training you will have the Skillset and the Mindset to grow as much as you desire your business to grow, and become a mentor to your team.
Who's your photographer? They did a great job with your pictures!
Isn't she amazing! Shannon White is a long time friend of mine and she is awesome! You can check out her site here.

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