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I'm excited that you made it to this page! I'm excited that you made it to this page!   Now, are you ready to wake up every day, loving what you're doing, feeling purposeful and excited about tomorrow, while creating the lifestyle you thought was only possible in your dreams? What if I told you that it was possible to create an amazing income while serving others and making a real impact in the world?

There's a saying that "If you don't build your dreams, someone will hire you to build theirs". That is exactly what was on my mind as I worked my butt off and got underpaid, while my bosses were enjoying the benefits. I wanted to be paid what I KNEW I WAS WORTH! Having a job that pays the bills is a blessing, believe me, I was thankful for my job, but I was depressed. I knew I was not living my purpose, and not even building my way to doing so.  

If, like me, you are wanting more, and looking for something that will help you create that life of abundance you have always dreamed of, then you're in the right place. Join me on this journey!

Let's Build Together

Do you have the 3 C's

I am looking for business partners who would like to create a terrific income in the next 6 to 12 months by committing their time to building an amazing dōTERRA business using the 3C's attributes. There is more to it, but these are KEY!

Do you have what it takes? 

If yes keep scrolling!

When you Partner with me.... get your own personal business coach, mentor (you will learn everything I know), and a natural-born troubleshooter! I love finding solutions—that's what I'm best at, and I'm passionate about serving others and helping them reach their goals!

You will not be alone! This is what you get as my Partner.

  • A Wholesale Wellness Advocate account
  • Earn a real, residual income that rivals any business
  • Annual, quarterly and monthly training 
  • Continued support from me and team leaders
  • An 8 week training program to help reach your goals
  • Become part of a growing  community of savvy entrepreneurs
  • Continued Education on health and wellness products
  • 25% of all dōTERRA products
  • Eligibility for free products 
  • And you get me! I love making new friends!

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**Please note: this is for those who do not already have an existing doTERRA Wholesale account. If you are interested in doing the business, please check in with your team leaders. 

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