Your Essential Oil Mentor

As a customer there is no pressure to "sell" oils.

As a matter of fact, 85% of those with wholesale accounts are consumers! So you will never be pressured to do the business, unless you want to, and then you can upgrade from a customer account to a business Wellness Advocate account any time, for free!

When you work with me.... get your own personal Wellness Coach, and a natural-born troubleshooter! I love finding solutions, that's what I'm best at, and I'm passionate about serving others! As a mom myself, I understand the stresses and concerns that we face daily. Whether it is for the physical or mental health concerns of your children, or yourself, there is a natural solution for everything! 

No more guessing what you need to do to experience total wellness! This is what you get as my customer.

  • Wellness consultation
  • Reliable customer service 
  • Essential oil screenings
  • Wellness tools 
  • Become part of a growing  community of essential users 
  • Continued Education on health and wellness products
  • 25% of all dōTERRA products
  • Eligibility for free products 
  • And you get me! I love making new friends!

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